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Quality Award presented for the WEA Cymru Workplace Learning programme


Quality Award presented for the workplace learning programme.

The workplace learning team at WEA Cymru, led by Katrina Taylor and Tudur Evans, has worked successfully with ULRs and WULF Project Managers from unions such as UNISON, Unite, FBU and Usdaw to deliver training courses to many different workplaces. Feedback received from unions who have worked with WEA Cymru has praised:

•    The wide range of customised learning opportunities developed in consultation with unions and learners, on topics as diverse as essential skills, Welsh, asbestos awareness, dyslexia awareness, confidence building, sign language, effective speaking, ipad training, and many others.

•    The flexibility of delivery – from short 1 hour taster sessions to full courses delivered within the workplace or at community venues at weekdays, evenings and weekends to suit the learners’ needs.

•    Clear information on course costs where these apply and support and advice on accessing available funding options.

•    Experienced and friendly tutors who use a range of different learning styles in the classroom.

•    Learner information and feedback that is captured and shared with the relevant unions according to their needs and used to develop future provision.

Nigel Williamson, WULF Project Manager for the FBU says:

“WEA have been very accommodating and have been able to provide not only the subject matter but have also provided tutors able to deliver that learning on the dates and venues that I have selected and arranged... They have always delivered what we have asked.”

Karen Fisher, Project Manager for a UNISON WULF Project says:

“The WEA is happy to support requests for short sessions and have delivered one hour master classes... WEA tutors are flexible enough to work with our partners and build bespoke workshops... The WEA are also helpful towards ULRs looking to arrange courses for their members. They advise our reps of where WULF funding may exist etc.”

One union learner who has attended a number of courses with the WEA says:

“We are always asked what we hope to learn about. The tutor was very supportive...I have to admit I do have some learning problems. The tutor contacted me before the course to have a chat with me and she was very supportive and helped me a lot.”

It is truly heartening to hear about the support this learner received.  I am pleased to say that the assessment process identified a number of areas of notable good practice. These include successful completion rates above national comparators, innovative initiatives such as the SPELL forum and Engagement Gateway project, as well as the excellent support systems for learners with essential skills needs which we have just heard about.

This Award demonstrates both the hard work and the ongoing commitment of WEA Cymru’s workplace learning team in providing unions and union learners with high quality and flexible learning opportunities.

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