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Studying and home schooling with four children


Kimberley joined the Preparation for a Civil Service Career course in January 2021, during which her four children were also home due to schools being closed. Kimberley was a quiet member of the group at first but quickly came out of her shell as her confidence grew. As a single parent, she was solely responsible for the home schooling of her four children but this responsibility never affected her dedication and commitment to the course and she was always the first person to complete any work assigned.

[Nominator reflects,] “As Kimberley became more comfortable within her peer group, she started opening up about the personal difficulties and challenges in which she had recently overcome. To everyone’s amazement, Kim was able to turn these extremely difficult times in to positives and used them as a means of motivating herself to succeed no matter what the challenge.”

Kimberley says, “I felt a bit anxious as I was home schooling four children. I didn’t think I’d be able to cope doing the course on top of this as I was managing my mental health and other escalating health problems, but I gave it a go. It wasn’t easy with the children being home but I made it happen.” “I set a routine which fitted around the course and the children’s school work. At times, my children would be in an online class next to me whilst I was on a Teams call for my own course. I had to pause my learning at times to break up a fight or two between siblings, and had to mute my mic most of the time, but it worked.” “I did any work that needed to be done by writing it up when I caught five minutes’ peace and typed it up in the nights when the children were settling down to sleep to make sure I kept on top of the work.” Kimberley’s dedication to learning is making the difference for her and her children’s lives.

Kimberley adds, “This course really helped with my confidence and I couldn’t believe how understanding and patient the tutor was with me having four children at home the same time. I also got to meet other staff and have now enrolled on another course, Counselling For Beginners, which I’m doing to help me with my own mental health and to help me understand others in my future career plans.”

Congratulations on your nomination Kimberley, from everyone at Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales.

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