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Tutor Julie Morgan shares the positives from the pandemic.


ESOL tutor Julie Morgan Has been busy learning about different online technologies during lockdown which has helped her prepare for her learners in their online classes. On the whole her learners have been able to adapt and enjoy their learning and Julie has had a positive experience in online delivery. At the same time, she has been home schooling her two primary aged boys, gardening, going on lots of long walks and helping community groups where her family live in Penarth.

“Julie says, “Since teaching online I have had to really think about the way I teach. As most of my learners have been using mobile phones for their learning, I have had to make sure I am using a large font when writing things for them on screen. Also, I try not to share my whole screen as it is impossible for learners to see anything. I will normally share one document and enlarge it so the learners can only see the vital information. During a classroom lesson I find I can be more flexible, like doing an impromptu class or pair work activity. With online lessons I have found that I need to pre-plan any activity or game as the logistics of doing things online need much more thought and preparation time.”

“She adds, “Thanks to the logistical skills and support by Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales office staff, my learners have been able to secure laptops to borrow for their lessons. Once learners become comfortable with the basics of Microsoft Teams I plan to introduce a few different digital tools which will enhance their learning and give me the opportunity to assess their progress in new ways.”

Julie has remained positive throughout the year, despite not being able to see family and loved ones in Australia, where she is originally from.

“There are many things I look forward to, the first being to see friends and family and give them a hug. It will be nice to walk on the footpath and not have to avoid people coming from the opposite direction. Going out for a coffee and meet friends for a meal. I look forward to seeing my learners again in a classroom and be able to see their faces and reactions during lessons. I look forward to the time when international travel restrictions end in both the UK and Australia and I am able to visit my family in Australia.”

“All of my family and I will remember this time with both good and bad memories. It has been a time where we have spent a lot of valuable family time together and, as my children are still young, they have enjoyed their time with us. Once things go back to ‘normality’ I think we will appreciate our friends, travel, our health and all the frontline workers much more.”

We wish Julie all the best for the forthcoming year and are happy to hear that she has adjusted well to online learning and balancing her family life with it.

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