Wishing our Mid Wales based learner Lloyd Colling the very best of luck with his Inspire! Learning Award 2023 nomination! | Adult Learning Wales

Wishing our Mid Wales based learner Lloyd Colling the very best of luck with his Inspire! Learning Award 2023 nomination!


Our creative learner, Lloyd Colling from mid Wales has gone from strength to strength in developing his digital skills and has set up a business to promote and sell his fantastic artwork! Our tutor, Tracey Hickman shares with us why she has nominated Lloyd for the Inspire! Learning Award 2023. . .

Our tutor Tracey said, “Lloyd started attending my digital skills courses in Welshpool in November 2021, and by his own admission, had no knowledge of computers and little knowledge on using his smart phone, having preferred to sail through life preferring to use pen and paper! At this time Lloyd was in the process of setting up a greeting cards business, using his hand drawn artwork and realised that to make a success of his business, he would have to embrace technology.

By attending Adult Learning Wales courses, he has progressed from not only being able to switch on a laptop to creating and designing his own marketing booklets, posters and calendars. Lloyd has also been taught the skills in order to set up social media accounts in order to promote his business. I am hoping to progress Lloyd to acquire skills to use Microsoft Excel to assist the financial aspect of his business.

Lloyd has always been enthusiastic and eager and welcomes any learning opportunities that will enable him to promote his business. Despite Lloyd being dyslexic, this has in no way stopped his enthusiasm and thirst to keep learning.”

Our learner, Lloyd said, “I heard about this course via the Job Centre as I wanted to start my own greeting cards business using my artwork and they suggested it would be beneficial to me if I attended a computer course and referred me to Tracey’s course. I had no experience on computers although I vaguely remember trying to use Windows 98 (with little success) so you can tell how long ago that was!

I was very apprehensive and nervous about attending the course due to my dyslexia and this has always put me off attending any courses. However, I knew I had to start learning and didn’t want to let myself or other people down. I expected the course to be run in a formal way, very similar to school. How wrong was I! The atmosphere was relaxed, friendly, warm and welcoming and it made me feel like I wanted to be part of it. 

By attending the course, I have been able to produce several advertising and marketing material and use emails and social media in order to promote my business.  This has led to me being invited to showcase my work in places and meet other artists and contacts that I would never have had the opportunity to do so prior to this course.

Before I was very scared of technology and I couldn’t see what all the fuss about, I was more than happy to continue using pen and paper! Now I am absolutely amazed what computers are capable of and I love coming to the course. It is not just about learning, it’s about mixing with other people and it feels like a family on the course whereby everybody helps and supports each other. I really didn’t think learning could be so much fun!  Attending this course has actually changed my life for the better and I can’t thank Tracey and Adult Learning Wales enough for giving me this opportunity.”

We wish Lloyd the very best of luck with his nomination!

Click here to view Lloyd’s work!

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