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YMCA Wales Community College and WEA Cymru developing strategic options


Dear Colleagues,

The first meeting of the Shadow Board for the Project Y process took place on 11 February 2015.
As you will know, both Boards have agreed in principle to a Type B Merger based on the merger of equals – where YMCA Wales Community College dissolves and transfers to a new entity, using the current WEA Cymru framework for that new body. The reason for adopting the Type B approach is that it is quicker, less costly and administratively simpler than a Type A merger which would involve the dissolution of both organisations and the setting up of a new one. A Type B approach has been used in several recent college mergers. This agreement will need to be ratified at YMCA Wales Community College’s Board meeting on 16 April and at WEA Cymru’s AGM in Harlech on 25 April.
An initial Heads of Terms agreement has also been drawn up and a further, more detailed, one is being developed, spelling out the principle of equality between the two organisations, the process towards merger and the process/timetable for appointing the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Strategic Management Structure of the new organisation.
The new Shadow Board is made up of 4 governors from each organisation and an independent Chair, John Graystone, and has replaced the Partnership Steering Group. The other Shadow Board members are:
WEA Cymru reps: Rob Humphreys, Chris Franks, Viv Davies, Gerry Jenson
YMCA Wales CC reps: Val Williams, Steve Drowley, Claire Morris, Hayden Llewellyn.

The two CEOs have observer status on it.

The Shadow Board is looking at how a new body would be constituted and how to accommodate the two rather different governance models we currently have. It will also be consulting shortly on a proposed list of names for the new body. The target date of 31 July 2015 for merger remains.

John Graystone will accompany the Chairs of the two present bodies to meet staff across both of their respective organisations in the relatively near future, to ensure transparency about the merger process. Joint Task and Finish groups are still meeting to develop recommendations to the Shadow Board on the harmonisation of the systems, processes and procedures used in both organisations.

A Strategic Planning day on 11 February 2015 attended by representatives of the two Boards and members of the two SMTs started the development of a shared Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives and these will be shared with staff once a working document is completed.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact one of us.

Kind Regards,

Maggi Dawson and Mark Isherwood

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